Cultivating THRIVING artists and VIBRANT communities.


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  • Grow in your skill as an artist or curator and understand the significance of your artistry in God’s eyes
  • Learn the theology of creativity and arts in the kingdom of God
  • Develop an approach for engaging the least-reached through your creativity
  • Work alongside experienced cross-cultural artists practicing ministry in a variety of contexts
  • Explore new ways to express, challenge and encourage yourself and others through art

We’re developing our vision of a Pathway called Incarnate. This program will equip you for life and ministry among the least-reached peoples of the world. Bring your creative talents. Create among artists from around the world. Be mentored. Develop your unique approach to ministry. Step into mission as the artist God created you to be.  

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For creators, performers, and facilitators of all art forms and cultures.  


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GOD’S STORY – Who is God as an artist? Why does He care about your art?  
God's Story reveals God’s character through His creativity and lays a biblical foundation for arts and artists in the kingdom. 
YOUR STORY – Who are you as an artist?  What do you need to thrive?  
Your Story firmly establishes you as an artist in Christ, developing healthy rhythms and habits to thrive in your creativity and be resilient in the ups and downs of life as an artist in mission.  
10,000 STORIES – Who are the people He is calling you to? What is your unique role? 
10,000 Stories empowers you to live generously as an artist, digging deep for artistic treasures in the people and communities you’re serving, learning to value and engage worldviews other than your own, collaborating well, and discerning a plan for effective long-term ministry.

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Our team, many of whom were part of the birth of the arts in mission movement in the 20th century, has decades of experience. From this experience, we’ve identified the skills and knowledge an artist needs to thrive in mission and serve communities well. You don’t have to figure out everything that you need. We guide you down the path.

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Our network of experienced artists and ministry partners extends around the world. We identify the events and trainings in this network that will help you gain the knowledge you need. You don’t have to do the searching. We point you to the options.

We understand that creators, performers, and facilitators have different needs and goals. We also know that finances, family needs, and location can affect your ability to join expensive or lengthy training. So, we work with you to create a training plan that is customised to your skills and flexible to your situation. You don’t have to raise several years of salary or leave for months at a time. The plan can be accomplished over time and within your financial means.

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"Incarnate afforded opportunities to practice using art in ministry, as well as introducing me to all the opportunities and possible paths I can take as an artist. I returned home with a new confidence and new perspective on how to use my gifts to transform the community and share Christ's love."

Incarnate student, 2016

"I had a lot of things I needed healing from and the pressures I was putting on myself. I experienced healing on everything from writer's block to musical insecurities, creating on subjects I’ve never created before, sharing and friendships. God does keep his promises."

Incarnate student, 2022

"During Incarnate, I experienced a deeper understanding of both my weaknesses and my potential and a clearer understanding of my artistry’s path."

Incarnate student, 2022

"I gained confidence in the calling of creative artistry, sustained passion for people, and paired the gospel with the arts as both connection and outreach tools. I have a firmer grasp of how ministry can be applied wherever I am."

Incarnate student, 2022

"I was praying and asking God for the next steps. I had no peace about the jobs I'd been applying for. Incarnate was a logical next step, and there was a 'yes' in my spirit when it came along. What I experienced was a chance to heal, a community to 'hold' me during hardship, and clarity from God on the next steps in terms of art and ministry as a vocation."

Incarnate student, 2022


We prize incarnational community and train artists within and for communities.
The Incarnate PATHWAY puts you alongside active ministries and in unreached places so that you gain practical experience in real-world circumstances.


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