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ought to be able to inspire God's beauty in every culture so that each person can see with their hearts that

"We live in an age where the medium of outreach is media. Artists are now given a voice. And for the first time in decades, the arts have become relevant in the mission field again. However, we must be careful not to do what I refer to as “doorway art,” which is to decorate the doorway of the kingdom of God rather than to reflect the need of having a relationship with the God of all creation, with all its pain and struggle."


"We will not have vibrant communities of Jesus followers amongst the least-reached peoples of the world if we do not also have authentic, indigenous, artistic expressions of biblical worship from them in their own heart language."

Frank Fortunato

This month, Inspiro is saying a bittersweet goodbye to a long-time staff member, Jason Williams (name changed for security reasons). Jason and his family are following the Lord into an exciting new chapter of their ministry, and we cannot wait to see how He will use them there. However, we will miss them greatly as their involvement with us will be much more limited. We had a chance to catch up with Jason and hear some of his reflections on his time with Inspiro, which he shares in the interview below. Thank you, Jason and family, for your years of faithful service with Inspiro for the gospel - you have blessed us deeply, and we will miss you immensely. May God bless you and keep you as you continue serving Him in this new adventure! 


1. How long have you been with Inspiro?
I began with what eventually became Inspiro more than 15 years ago. What I joined at that time was a small group of performing artists who travelled internationally doing outreach and mobilising others into mission involvement.

2. How did you initially get involved with Inspiro?
Through a unique set of circumstances, I ended up being a backing musician at a one-off gig for an artist who worked with OM. From there, I was invited to join him and his team for a few tours and, ultimately, to join that team full-time.

3. What has your job with Inspiro involved?
A number of different things over the years: In various seasons I’ve served as a musician, musical director, songwriter/composer, producer, engineer, short-term project organizer, worship leader, various administrative and leadership roles—most recently as an associate director, and probably a few others I’m forgetting.

4. Would you share a favourite memory of your time with Inspiro?
I’m tempted to preface all my answers with this, but it’s true: there have been so many. It’s incredibly difficult to pick one—or even remember them all! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing things “click” for someone. That may be an artist realising how the Lord has made them purposefully to intersect with His purposes in the world, or that they don’t need to create art that has a cross and/or a fish in it. Or it may be when someone gets a glimpse of the goodness of God and the invitation into His family, whether through a piece of artwork or through a friendship with a Jesus-following artist.

5. Was there anything that surprised you about your time with Inspiro/watching the Lord work through the arts and artists?
The truth of Jesus’ words, “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few” (Matthew 9:37, ESV). I’ve been amazed and simultaneously frustrated by the incredible opportunities I’ve seen and experienced, and how few artists seem to be willing or interested in diving into those opportunities. Truly God is at work through the relatively few, unknown, but faithful artists who are willing to take their craft and live lives like Jesus in unlikely places.

6. What has the Lord taught you during your time in this role?
Something that continues to captivate my imagination, that I don’t think I’d have understood or appreciated otherwise, is how God has woven pieces of His kingdom in unique ways into every culture. Artists have a great opportunity to observe, identify, and highlight those elements of eternal beauty to a culture. That doesn’t just happen in an outreach setting, but also as artists help a community of Jesus followers engage in worship together.

7. If you could tell artists considering missions one thing, what would it be?
Mission is about intentionality. It’s deciding what is truly important and having the determination to pursue that vision (Isaiah 50:7). That will take the kind of sacrifice that’s always involved when one person truly wants/learns to love another well. But there’s no greater meaning for life than when it’s wrapped up in that. When it comes to joining God in His mission of reconciliation—of humanity to Him, of humanity to each other, of each person to him/herself, and of humanity to the rest of creation—that can happen with or without an organisation. But, especially when you’re focused on living out love among those who have little or no opportunity to encounter the good news of God’s kingdom, being connected to an organisation like Inspiro will help encourage and equip you to love well—in ways that can actually be received as loving by those you live among.

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